Client Testimonials

What our clients have to say

I have owned and run nine different businesses over the years, so I have had a great deal of experience in judging the people I deal with. Experience has taught me a great deal about which people I can trust, and which people I can’t. That is one of the reasons I am happy to deal with Bertram.

I have learned to trust the information that I get from the It’s A Breeze Team as I have found them to be very professional and very honest. I am happy with the results we have achieved to date. The outcomes have been very positive. That is why I will be continuing to utilise their services on an ongoing basis.

Harry Doumbas
Entrepreneur & Investor

Because we had invested heavily in the share market since the late 90’s, and suffered large losses as a result, we didn’t think that we had the ability to become property investors. Bertram showed us how we could achieve this goal, and we were impressed by his experience, his expertise and his honesty. His advice has actually been of real value to several members of the family already.

We knew nothing about the process of property development before, but the It’s A Breeze team have been there for us every step of the way. In fact, they have done most of the hard work on our behalf. So instead of feeling fear about our share investments, we can now look forward to our retirement with confidence. We know where we are going financially, and we know that our future is secure.

John & Jill Post
Public Servants

I have been dealing with Bertram for many years now, and find him very easy to deal with. He and his team have a great vision for the opportunities that property can offer, and my investments are all bearing fruit. Most importantly, I know that I can trust what they tell me.

It might surprise some people given that I am a well-established Builder, but Bertram’s advice has taught me things about property that I never knew before. The fact is, I am making more money now as an investor than I did as a Builder, and that’s something I couldn’t have done without their advice and guidance.

John Ebell
Builder & Developer

I’ve been dealing with Bertram for quite a few years now, and have always found him to be very professional, but also very caring. He has a great team…very knowledgeable, very dedicated, very informative. They are there to guide you from start to finish, so the whole experience is a very positive one

I was pleased that they had no hesitation in getting personally involved in order to guide us along a path that was unfamiliar at first. It’s clear that they want you to succeed, and really want to see you get to the next level.

Marnie Talevski
Gym Proprietor

My association with the Bertram began in 2006 when my first experience of his advice and guidance proved to be a highly beneficial one. Fortunately, the lines of communication have remained open ever since. So when the time came for me to begin weighing up different ways to secure my own financial future, particularly where my future retirement was concerned and It’s a Breeze has proved to be a great source of advice once again.

IAB are easy to deal with and their people are always available to answer my questions. I find them very reassuring to have by my side, and a great people to work with when it comes to finding the right investment opportunity in the right place at the right time. Their experience and support has been invaluable.

Deanna Cetoupe

People assume because I’ve been a successful Real Estate Agent for many years that making money from property was easy for me, but they’d be wrong.

The fact is, my finances were headed in a negative direction until Bertram took me through a simple series of steps that completely turned my financial position around. My mortgage is now paid off and I’m building a nest-egg that I know will allow me to retire the way I want to retire…in comfort.

Michael Mamasis
Real Estate Agent