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Selling your property can be ...AND should be ...stress free!

Whether you have an investment property or a family home you’ve outgrown, selecting the right agent is critical to a successful sale. How do you know which agent to choose? How do you know what commission is suitable? Pricing your property, preparing for sale… there are many things to consider.

Working with a Property Advocate, you don’t need to waste time researching all the options. The advocate has the expertise and experience to provide you with a lot of these answers. With assistance from Bertram Daniel, you can go from stuck, anxious, concerned, stressed and uncertain …to being stress free, relieved, confident and even over the moon!

And the best news is that all this extra service costs you no more.

Watch the videos below or scroll down to view Bertram’s 7 Simple Step Process to selling your home.

Selling your property

Bertram talks about the benefits of using a Property Advocate and how he can help you sell your home.

The market place

Bertram talks about the current market place and how to successfully place your property for the best results

Property Advocacy Melbourne’s
simple 7 step process

1: Pricing your property

Knowing where your property sits in the marketplace is crucial to obtaining your sales goals. Over-pricing can leave you wasting months and months trying to sell. Under-pricing may give you a quick sell but leave you out of pocket.


2: Preparing the property for sale

An important question to ask yourself is: do I prepare it for sale or leave as is? Advocate advice can save you time you don’t need to waste.


3: Choosing the right agent

How many agents do you need to interview and how do you choose the right one? There are many good agents and our industry knowledge and expertise supports our ability to select the right agent for you. One of the biggest mistakes vendors make is selecting the agent who tells them the highest price – a good agent “shows” you the price, a bad agent “tells” you the price (read more about in Betram’s book).


4: Choosing the appropriate method of sale

We’ll provide recommendations and assist you in choosing between Private Sale or Auction or Sale by Set Date. We’ll look at competing properties and depending on the current market place, your property type and location and decide what will work best for you.


5: Choosing the most effective marketing and advertising

Online, printed flyers, newspapers, signage – your vendor advocate can make recommendations on what you need. Saving a few dollars on advertising may end up being detrimental if you can’t find the right buyer who’s willing to pay the right price.


6: Negotiating the right fee for the service

This is often a difficult decision to make. Your vendor advocate can explain the process will assist you in working out the appropriate commission for your real estate agent.


7: Best possible sales target achieved STRESS FREE!

Your advocate will let it all this happen without fuss or bother and be there for you for an amazing result!

The 7 Deadly Sins when selling your property

“My book has details on the biggest mistakes vendors make when selling their property. As your Vendor Advocate, it’s my job to help you avoid making these mistakes. My job is to make your sale stress free and easy for you, while still reaching the maximum result possible and the best part is it costs you no more!”
Bertram Daniel

The 7 Deadly Sins when selling your property
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